EPSON projector using methods and techniques

There are daily working sessions may be used in the projector, a projector with the EPSON introduces an example, and so can other basic configuration of the projector, although not difficult, but pay attention to details, reducing machine damage.


First, the position of the projector to be placed in front of the screen, so that the projected image can be more fully invested in the screen. Connect the power cable, video cable is connected to the data output device, such as a laptop.

Figure projection switch button on the instrument panel, upper left small lantern from red to green to start the projector lamp start clicking below.

Time to open the shutter in front of the lamp to prevent the open state EPSON ELPLP49 lamp life to reduce fever, the initial flap on the left Close place (at the green circle), pushing it in the direction of the arrow to the right place to Open .

If the projection on the screen at the bottom side, the lamp can be machine feet below the height adjustment to the image in the center of the screen. Pull up at the first white, then adjust the machine feet.

Slide the red arrow at the projected image size adjustment, toggle the blue arrow to adjust the focal length of the projection, so that the image is clear.

After use, press the OFF button, wait a few minutes until the projector to cool, then remove it.

1. The projected image aspect ratio, right? Enter on the computer control panel -> Display adjustment resolution.
2. The projection proposed work, but no signal? Some computer video cables are not directly connected to the projector automatically, you can press Fn + F5 to try.
First understand Projector line access: now generally mainly the power cord and VGA cable, VGA cable when connected to the projector and see if inputs are equipped with VGA connector, which is the keystone of conventional computers that fifteen blue hole connector . Projectors and other inputs if the DVI connector, generally white 18-pin or 24-pin rectangular connector, you can transfer the VGA cable DVI cable. As old-fashioned video cable (a joint) that has now been eliminated, leaving aside the table. Also, if the entire system does not have audio equipment and projection projector with loudspeakers, then also we need to take one point two audio cable with a DVI cable excluded.

After the input terminal and the projector are good line connected to the projector’s remote control panel inside the box out, installed on the 5th battery, and then press the power button / POWER button (usually red or colored) until the lamp is warming up after the self-test within 20 seconds, the temperature is low take longer that will display an image of the blue panel image or the input of the curtain wall and so on.
Projector Installation decide to set up: The positive vote, only Keystone (some projectors are automatic keystone correction), adjust the focus and then wait for the screen size. Such as rear projection and hanging cast, you will need to select “Install” from the remote control panel inside were hanging cast or rear projection set (different projector settings installation may differ, refer to the manual) and set the projection distance.

Setting Projection Distance: This is the most important step in the projector use. Under normal circumstances, the purchase of the projector and the projector can be asked how much a reasonable distance from the area of the projector relative to the projection. Such as: A 80-inch projector vote of 2.2 meters, the 100-inch cast as 2.8 meters, 3.2 inch throw 120 meters. In principle, a short focus and projectors, the conventional projector projector bulbs are farther away from the display screen, the display screen is. If the projector can not be asked to vote whether the appropriate picture lamp EPSON ELPLP54 distance from the display screen of how far the brand can control the projector model specification, and then go search for this type of machine brand projector brand official website, will have published. According to their desired size of the display, according to the data official website of the purchaser or the manufacturer will be given tease. Note: You must be within the range of data to make fun of.

Focal length picture clarity: Different projectors have different setting methods, rotating lens ring, there are key settings, but also automatically set, after repeated several times, until the clearest so far.

Finally, the first use of the projector color cast, then, are due to feeder line is not tight due to the fastening can be resolved. Remember to turn off the projector immediately after the open, it will very much affect the lamp life, the projector can be switched off five minutes turn on the projector.