Color brightness of the projector, white luminance

Many times we will see the “Brightness” parameter in this projector product parameters table, but some of the products, though the name of the high brightness and the actual use of the sign is not as manufacturers say the kind of effect?

    Many times we will see the “Brightness” parameter in this projector product parameters table, but some of the products, though the name of the high brightness and the actual use of the sign is not as manufacturers say the kind of effect? Let’s look at this in the end is what brightness.

HD Projector

    In fact, many products more official brightness refers to the white light of the so-called white light from the projector is in projection brightness when the white screen, of course, there is another brightness, color intensity is, when the projection is manifested in different colors brightness, and we use multi-touch when the projector is the color and brightness of white light instead of the product labels.
     If the projector can not accurately capture the other color except white, which will make quality compromised, unable to restore the true colors of the original image. CLO Epson first proposed the concept of color brightness, color intensity to make an important attribute of the actual performance of the projector, the brightness of red, green and blue color brightness performance, the product will be more convincing.

HD Projector

    Color brightness is usually the sum of the RGB three-color average luminance, and white point for just a single value, through a number of color harmony principles, we find that white is actually overlapping red, green and blue, but often does not mean the color brightness of white light, in fact, only when they are equal in order to demonstrate the effect of the perfect picture, the picture can be more vivid sense.
    Therefore, when we choose the projection products, when to take a clear difference between the management of both conceptual.


EPSON projector using methods and techniques

There are daily working sessions may be used in the projector, a projector with the EPSON introduces an example, and so can other basic configuration of the projector, although not difficult, but pay attention to details, reducing machine damage.


First, the position of the projector to be placed in front of the screen, so that the projected image can be more fully invested in the screen. Connect the power cable, video cable is connected to the data output device, such as a laptop.

Figure projection switch button on the instrument panel, upper left small lantern from red to green to start the projector lamp start clicking below.

Time to open the shutter in front of the lamp to prevent the open state EPSON ELPLP49 lamp life to reduce fever, the initial flap on the left Close place (at the green circle), pushing it in the direction of the arrow to the right place to Open .

If the projection on the screen at the bottom side, the lamp can be machine feet below the height adjustment to the image in the center of the screen. Pull up at the first white, then adjust the machine feet.

Slide the red arrow at the projected image size adjustment, toggle the blue arrow to adjust the focal length of the projection, so that the image is clear.

After use, press the OFF button, wait a few minutes until the projector to cool, then remove it.

1. The projected image aspect ratio, right? Enter on the computer control panel -> Display adjustment resolution.
2. The projection proposed work, but no signal? Some computer video cables are not directly connected to the projector automatically, you can press Fn + F5 to try.
First understand Projector line access: now generally mainly the power cord and VGA cable, VGA cable when connected to the projector and see if inputs are equipped with VGA connector, which is the keystone of conventional computers that fifteen blue hole connector . Projectors and other inputs if the DVI connector, generally white 18-pin or 24-pin rectangular connector, you can transfer the VGA cable DVI cable. As old-fashioned video cable (a joint) that has now been eliminated, leaving aside the table. Also, if the entire system does not have audio equipment and projection projector with loudspeakers, then also we need to take one point two audio cable with a DVI cable excluded.

After the input terminal and the projector are good line connected to the projector’s remote control panel inside the box out, installed on the 5th battery, and then press the power button / POWER button (usually red or colored) until the lamp is warming up after the self-test within 20 seconds, the temperature is low take longer that will display an image of the blue panel image or the input of the curtain wall and so on.
Projector Installation decide to set up: The positive vote, only Keystone (some projectors are automatic keystone correction), adjust the focus and then wait for the screen size. Such as rear projection and hanging cast, you will need to select “Install” from the remote control panel inside were hanging cast or rear projection set (different projector settings installation may differ, refer to the manual) and set the projection distance.

Setting Projection Distance: This is the most important step in the projector use. Under normal circumstances, the purchase of the projector and the projector can be asked how much a reasonable distance from the area of the projector relative to the projection. Such as: A 80-inch projector vote of 2.2 meters, the 100-inch cast as 2.8 meters, 3.2 inch throw 120 meters. In principle, a short focus and projectors, the conventional projector projector bulbs are farther away from the display screen, the display screen is. If the projector can not be asked to vote whether the appropriate picture lamp EPSON ELPLP54 distance from the display screen of how far the brand can control the projector model specification, and then go search for this type of machine brand projector brand official website, will have published. According to their desired size of the display, according to the data official website of the purchaser or the manufacturer will be given tease. Note: You must be within the range of data to make fun of.

Focal length picture clarity: Different projectors have different setting methods, rotating lens ring, there are key settings, but also automatically set, after repeated several times, until the clearest so far.

Finally, the first use of the projector color cast, then, are due to feeder line is not tight due to the fastening can be resolved. Remember to turn off the projector immediately after the open, it will very much affect the lamp life, the projector can be switched off five minutes turn on the projector.


Replacing the projection lamp Detailed steps

Replacing the projector lamp yourself step Detailed advantage of the projector goes without saying that problems with supplies so that you love and hate, as long as three years, as short as one year would be harassment. Lamp, the projector consumes most important accessories, high-pressure mercury lamp, life of 2000-4000 hours vary. Since the bulbs different brands, different quality, different life, the key is the difference between the price amazing. How to carry forward the spirit of DIY, hands-on  projector lamp replacement is our projection of people required course.

Reference P/N:DT00757 Lamp Type: AC Lamp power: 200W Lamp life: 2000 hours Packaging: 1 lamp each blank carton Shipment: DHL, UPS Fedex, Aramex, TNT ect. Payment: T/T, Paypay, Excrow ect. Warranty: 90 days

Replacing the projection lamp yourself now on the market, ask a professional chef to help you replace a bulb charge a minimum of 200 yuan to buy a brightness of 3,000 lumens bulb factory price of about 1,500 yuan to buy a brightness compatible bulb price of 3,000 lumens of about 800 yuan.

 Bare projector lamp
If you’ve seen the tape cartridge bulb lamp replacement process operation, it will make you feel upset, 5 minutes so simple, rather than let them bargain, we might as well do it yourself. Projector DIY, we begin to change the lamp. We begin dismantling an original lamp from the demo it, replace the lamp equivalent to the following steps backwards to do it again.

First, we need to introduce the tools needed to replace the lamp, general word frequently used tools and Phillips screwdriver.

Tools required hexagonal screwdriver

After removing the top cover of the projector, see the following screen. Aircraft in the bulb above the installation of a protective film, which can effectively provide protection from dust damage to the projector lamp.

Open the top cover
After removing the protective film, the lamp has been very clear in front of us, simply unscrew the screws from the lens nearest one, you can remove the wrapped bulb lighthouse.

Remove the projector lamp
Lamp frame metal material, relatively safe fixed rear lamp.

Removing the projector lamp

At this point we will stand lamp fixing screws removed one by one, while releasing the connection of the lamp and lamp housing, projector lamp can be easily removed. Usually when replacing the projector lamp, the user does not buy most lighthouse bulb, you need to open the original lamp and lamp holder, put a new projector lamp.

The first step on the lamp housing and lamp power cord connection connection (usually light bulb connector design, users only need to connect can be fixed); then fixed on the lamp housing screws after fixed, then wrapped lighthouse projector lamp back in the projector lamp compartment, having a good screw.

1, be careful. Since the demolition of the lamp is more complicated and requires careful and patient in the process, non-professionals caution, after all, belong to the projection lamp also valuables.
2, after cooling, and then the operation. Never hot start.


LED lamps to replace the world’s New Year fireworks choice

Since 2013 entered in 2014, to be held around the world still celebrate New Year’s Eve party, but invariably there is a different idea; environmental protection has become a new fashion.

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve with fireworks cast, often equated. Dubai New Year’s Eve this year to five hundred thousand more guns, far beyond Kuwait last year wrote seventy-seven thousand hair record, setting a Guinness World Record. Dubai, the tallest building in the world this year in the vicinity of Burj Khalifa brought out, is an unprecedented fireworks show from Dubai coast more than four hundred discharge point “thousand arrows shot,” more than fifty pieces of artillery toward the sky, stretching ninety-four km, up to over one thousand meters, imposing parade is extremely alarming. In addition, the world’s first New Year’s in Sydney Harbour, also spent seven tons, totaling more than 30 million yuan fireworks; has been selected as one of CNN’s top ten cities in the world New Year’s Eve in Taipei, continue to be the entire 101 tall buildings gorgeous fireworks to usher in 2014.

  • Product Name :
    108pcs 3w RGBW led moving head light
  • Model NO :
    LED 108pcs RGB
  • Power Supply :
    AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption :
  • Brand :

Although Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour or fireworks to celebrate the New Year, but use a lot of LED lights
Careful planning cast dazzling dazzling fireworks, but disappeared within a few minutes, this time of year, and therefore have triggered heated discussions around the world, New Year’s Eve fireworks, if absolutely necessary? Although this issue every year to discuss a return to skillet But finally this year, many cities worldwide, began to take concrete action!

Observed around the world to celebrate the New Year the way, can be found in many countries or cities, bustling gorgeous diminished, but in all aspects of environmental protection, conservation, and creativity, but had to be seen. By the “sumptuary laws”, this year Chinese New Year budget has shrunk in many cities, in addition to the artist does not please a large coffee, the more Hubei, Wuhan and other cities in order to avoid worsening haze, canceled New Year’s Eve fireworks in the cast. In addition, many cities have many facets to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the integration of modern technology in traditional Chinese culture, more colorful. For example, the Beijing Badaling Great Wall choice, as the countdown party venue, Badaling Great Wall north and south several watchtowers, were placed drum, bass drum hit momentum, shocking Wall empty four weeks; visually, then the computer lights, LED lights, Laser light as the main form. Gorgeous multicolored lights video show on the Great Wall and the Beacon show, so just like a meandering Wall distribute luster dragon, Chinese style is very strong. In addition, according to Wang Li Beijing Great Bell Temple, in the early morning January 1, 2014, the world’s largest sounded Yongle Bell 108 under; has the world’s second-largest electronics fantasy backdrop of Beijing Place, colorful display Atrium fashion show; Heaven countdown, also in the laser light and the sound of singing and dancing, to greet the New Year.

Shanghai Bund up to 70 meters in the international construction group, 4D projection over 9,000 square meters of the laser beam, and then use some fireworks, foil to create a night scene of Shanghai’s luxury. As another example, the Nanjing Qinhuai River, for the first time large-scale 3D light show, with about Nanjing Nanjing jugglers old story, people do not like to bring the New Year in Nanjing feelings; Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, Jiangsu continues to “listen to the bells New Year” activities, in one hundred and eight under the bell, people close their eyes to pray devoutly, showing the use of the cultural characteristics of different regions, complemented by technology package, still able to create a lively New Year’s Eve activities.

Shanghai staged a 2014 New Year’s Eve 4D light show
Internationally, clearly cast fireworks display is not the only option. Hong Kong and the UK, although still fireworks to celebrate the New Year, but they use a lot of venues to present festive atmosphere of LED lights(http://www.seeyolighting.com/newsdetail-99.html), also attracts many tourists and appreciated. London fireworks show staged on the River Thames, launched the world’s first multi-sensory, “fireworks can eat” so New Year’s Eve fireworks literally eye candy; edible confetti banana flavors, artificial snow peach flavor, orange flavor Bubble wind fall from the sky, the air smoky cherry and strawberry flavors, allowing people to participate in New Year’s Eve activities, Shen Yi visually dazzling, but also smell and taste of the New Year atmosphere.

New York Times Square New Year’s Eve has always been the focus of global attention, this year there are innovative changes; not only in the traditional large crystal ball inside, the installation of 30,002 thousand LED lights, but the whole crystal panel put the latest designs , so that the characteristics of the crystal ball this year, is in the process of falling, reflecting the combination of 16 million colors, a kaleidoscope of eye-catching presentation. Although the final stage of the countdown, the New York Times Square is also the discharge of fireworks to greet the arrival of the New Year, but with the design of a variety of fireworks outside, but New Year’s Eve expenditure savings funds, reducing the carbon emissions caused by pollution; more important , innovative and creative people to see the intentions behind it.


Chinese audio and lighting industry analysis

China professional lighting and sound industry since the early 1990s started, and now has gone through four stages of development: introduction stage , fast rising phase , adjustment phase and stable development stage.

90 years ago are imported , 90 to 95 years is an initial stage , when the people’s living standards have improved rapidly , people began to demand high-quality rich spiritual activities, especially between 95 and 96 years , just two years , Kara OK, KTV, dance halls and other entertainment venues everywhere. Sharp rise rapidly rising entertainment , professional lighting and sound to stimulate demand , which directly led to the first rapid development of this industry . However, the situation was chaotic entire industry : a large number of manufacturers, dealers, emerged ; brand scrimmage ; industry regulations are not perfect ; mixed product quality ; prices opaque ; consumers lack of product knowledge , their behavior is mostly impulse buying .

But the next few years, the lighting and sound industry growth is slowing down , entering a period of adjustment, the entire industry reshuffle, eliminated a large part of the quality of the product is not good enough and the strength of the business . So far in 2001 , a sharp decrease in the number of producers , the relative concentration of the brand , product quality and gradually standardized, price transparency is gradually increased.

After 2002, the development scale and pace of development have gradually entered a stable state. Mainly due to the development of this phase of the “Three Represents” in Congress on the advanced culture, accelerated the progress of our culture , government agencies has increased funding for the development of culture , the local government also strengthened the cultural and entertainment industries development of enterprises and institutions for culture and entertainment facilities have done a lot of purchases. Although the first half of the 2003 SARS epidemic hit , professional lighting and sound development undergo a significant impact , but with the outbreak period in the past , the market demand for cultural performances not only not diminished but showed strong growth in the second half of 2003 ushered in a sale immediately season , proven , 2002 -2003 years of professional lighting and sound development steadily. After 2003 , professional lighting and sound industry continued to rise steadily ; 2002 to 2005 , China audio market has reached 25.8 percent growth rate is forecast potential demand for Chinese cultural market in 2005 will reach 550 billion yuan , a huge market potential for the performing arts equipment ! .

But after the 2008 global financial crisis , audio and lighting industry has also been a great shock. 2013 professional audio products exports reached $ 607 million , down 9.7%.

Professional audio aspects
The number of manufacturing enterprises basically stable , increasingly high degree of brand . Professional audio manufacturer a few years ago , ” cohabitation ” , the highest estimate there are more than 4000 ! Small manufacturers operate has become increasingly difficult.

Product prices gradually transparent , industry profit margins tend to decline in industry profits . Because sound professional requirements of consumers is relatively high compared to other products , consumers rely more on brand and price of the product to determine the level of sound quality . All along, the operators are “speculation” is very serious , the quality is almost the same price , but varies, up to tens of thousands of pieces, up to two thousand dollars. This hundred Yuan Jiao Yan Han   back Musianluan athlete shaped by the Core Research    Yongeidingqian  Zouliangaiju Rencangjiaocong reef line and    Shuoyanmengchuang Su Huan Xian Xian   flea  coarse simmer lucky horseshoe crab ㄒ Di Mu  file lick room versed Lu Xun τ bottom stab ?

Competition means to diversify . 2003 before the competition means mainly price competition , especially in the same level of domestic brands, endless to let, price and sales price means to fight for greater market share. This year gradually into the era of meager profit , all brands have turned to build their own core competitiveness by improving the debugging techniques , to create a wide range of professional services and brand communication and other ways to capture the market .

Channel capacity building rapidly , channel development to further improve . Currently the most powerful channels ” Advanced Communication Equipment ” and ” Lai Fung ” , their channel development has been quite perfect. In Advanced Communication Equipment , for example, to expand its current business through three main channels: the first channel : the development of lower-level regional agents . Through lower channels to expand the market, mainly through the sale of products. Second Channel : Engineering sales. Companies directly involved in the tender , and product sales through project sales. The third channel : cooperation with other contractors, to provide engineering design, consulting services , and product sales through flexible forms of cooperation .

Professional lighting aspects
Lighting has become the perfect artistic pursuit indispensable part . With the development of lighting culture and entertainment industry big opera house , the stage of construction of the increasingly high demand , so the market prospect of professional lighting equipment is getting better , which is gratifying .

China since the introduction of professional lighting 1990s, its development and the level of foreign standards basically . Because not too high-end professional lighting technology , low technical barriers. Its main component is a computer lights, according to customer requirements can be installed , technical process is relatively simple ; does not exist too much distance between the domestic manufacturers of technology products . But this is precisely the biggest problem faced by professional lighting manufacturer . These producers are almost no research and development , product innovation impossible , it is difficult to form their own core competitiveness.

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Teach you to extend the life of the projector lamp

Tips to teach you to extend the projector lamp life:
Let us take a look at the correct routine operation, so it can greatly avoid the problem :

mitsubishi dmd chip http://www.sunbowslamp.com/a/Projector_Lamps/EPSON/ELPLP67/2016/0216/107.html 

First, in the layout of the environment should pay attention to the projection points:

1 placed outdoor light blocking curtains

(2) near the top of the screen or the light should turn off

3 walls, floors try not to use an e- reflective material

4 local area lighting , you can use the spotlight projector bulbs at work when the temperature is very high, high temperature will directly affect the life of the projection lamp direct killer, in order to improve lamp life , the projector has a cooling fan inside the machine and when the discharge bulb the heat.

Two , projector lamp replacement process of using points should be noted :

1 a clean working environment. In order to prevent dust from getting inside the projector with the fan , the fan inlet filter has to block dust. Thus, once the projector is dusty work environment , then, a lot of dust will accumulate on the rotation of the fan with filter net , blocking filter , affecting heat dissipation. The greater the harm of smoking , smoke in the tar will not only adsorbed on the filter online form goo , goo turn the adhesion of dust, thus completely clogged filter. And smoke through the filter portion of the material can get inside the projector , defaced imaging element , the impact projection is not that also cover the bulb , affecting heat lamp and shorten lamp life.

(2) prevent the projector from ” heat stroke .” We use the projector , be sure to pay attention to the use of environmental temperature and ventilation conditions . Here, we particularly pay attention to the following three points : First , the projector is in operation, make sure there is nothing blocking vents or affect projector ventilation ; secondly , projectors and shut down properly after the work is completed , do not use things covered immediately projector or mount collection bag ; Finally, when using the projector , be careful not to allow direct sunlight to the projector , especially the lens part , because of the strong sunlight will not only affect the projector’s cooling, more importantly, will destroy projector optical system imaging, affecting life and display.

Sanyo / Toshiba projector lamp Monopoly – Henan projector repair station

Summary: projector lamp is a consumable item , we hope to extend the projector lamp on the way there was an understanding , in the course to avoid these non-standard operation.

About Sunbows

Sunbows Photronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dealing with stage lighting R&D, manufacture, distribution  and services. Stage lighting light source, projector bulb are our main products, we have rich professional experience in  this field.  Since the company was founded,  we are growing rapidly,  our annual output value reached 1-3  million dollars,  and now we become  one of the  industry leaders in China.

Eighty percent of Sunbows’s products are export to oversea, the main market is Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and many  other Middle East countries. Depends on our compttitive prices, high quality and reliable service, we received many praises  from customers.

Sunbows keep the operation principle: Based on the technology to create the highest quality and security products, to make  contributions to society.
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Stage lighting market situation and development trend analysis

In the early 1990s, the initial stage of professional lighting, Kara OK, KTV, dance halls and other places of entertainment and cultural performances everywhere hot market, directly contributing to the industry’s first rapid leap. Compared with professional audio, stage lighting low-tech, industry threshold is relatively low. Stage lighting products range from relatively low-tech, the manufacturer is widely distributed in the country.

Until around 2000, Chinese market is basically stable growth stage, the state, the market is in a period of adjustment. By the last few years, energy-saving and green lighting is the industry’s most concerned about market trends in recent years one, LED lighting and control equipment, etc. These international hottest technology become a professional lighting manufacturers competing research objects. At the same time, a group of leading enterprises to go in the forefront of the industry, the emerging smart home industry to enter.

Stage Lighting Market Analysis

As people’s living standards improve, the right culture, entertainment industry lighting large opera house, the stage of building increasingly demanding. Shanghai 2010 World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games 2010, two major international event Whispering China, but also for stage lighting procurement fueled China professional lighting market has been in a good period of development. From the application side, there are many domestic art design has reached a very high level, adequate funding, massive stage lighting frequent domestic market, the enterprise’s ability to undertake the project demanding.

Several large exhibition in the country, attracting a lot of small and medium enterprises exhibitors, you can also see a lot of new equipment. Foreign brands also set his sights on Chinese market, while the foreign market is not as imagined then boom, a limited number of product demand; On the other hand China’s market demand is rising rapidly in the period, along with the government’s policy on cultural industries Drivers and capital support, stage entertainment equipment purchases remain strong. Thus a large influx of foreign brands in the Chinese market, and strive to share. At the same time, domestic enterprises are also emerging on the international stand, excellent brand draws on the successful experience of foreign countries, through the exhibition to continue to penetrate the international market.

Recalling 2009, the domestic market supply and buy stage lighting conditions, moving lights, LED lights and fixtures alternately occupy the first three positions.

Stage lighting export transformation and technological bottlenecks
Our products export situation after the financial crisis, plunged in after it started a new one of the force. The raw materials prices makes production costs rose about 20%, but at the cost of 20% in the case broad based, product sales prices are difficult to achieve 20% growth rate, Chinese manufacturing cost advantage is no longer outstanding. This makes a lot of professional lighting export business from exports to developing countries go to Europe, the United States and other developed countries’ exports; from the high labor-intensive, low-margin products to independent intellectual property rights, high-tech, high value-added products. These changes make the production scale, process control, quality management, enterprise management level quantitative to qualitative changes into a virtuous cycle.

Technological advances in the stage, lighting has become an important part of art, superb lighting Yan Yi technology can bring even more shocking visual impact, “Avatar” in the global thermal evolution is to let people on the pursuit of stage lighting reached the extreme, stage lighting design at the same time to absorb new technology and art to better integration. However, domestic professional lighting manufacturers mostly by doing OEM developed, with rapid lighting technology, the pace of development has lagged far behind.

Since the 1990s, our professional lighting after the introduction, because not too high-end professional lighting technology, technical barriers to low, according to customer requirements for equipment, domestic manufacturers product technology does not exist between large distances. Now this has become the professional lighting companies face the biggest bottleneck, product development capabilities and awareness of innovation, high-end technology and stage lighting there is a big gap.
Stage lighting intelligent control technology
Professional stage lighting equipment control technology development from the 15th century European court and aristocracy enjoy the show the show began, and later accompanied the invention of electricity generating new look changes. Stage lighting control technology has undergone original control technology stage, stage analog control technology, digital technology control phase, and intelligent network control phase.

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Today the popularity of computer network technology, network lighting control system has become more sophisticated, intelligent networked lighting control system has been formed trend. In the studio or venue can put all the lighting operation control equipment, including computer dimming sets, computer effect light consoles, digital machine console lights, electric boom console, laser console, change color console, etc. controlled via the network workstations and equipment, including dimming closet, computer graphic effects lighting, mechanical lights, electric boom, laser lights, changing color, etc. connected together. They TCPIP Ethernet network technology used alone, or used with conventional Ethernet TCPIP DMX combination of control techniques, to control the entire lighting system.
Many lighting manufacturers are making networked control system development and application work, launched with different characteristics developed network technology solutions to showcase their networked lighting control system. The multi-play technology in stage lighting control system is successful, began to gradually applied to building intelligent control system, lighting control into a more vast fields.