Replacing the projection lamp Detailed steps

Replacing the projector lamp yourself step Detailed advantage of the projector goes without saying that problems with supplies so that you love and hate, as long as three years, as short as one year would be harassment. Lamp, the projector consumes most important accessories, high-pressure mercury lamp, life of 2000-4000 hours vary. Since the bulbs different brands, different quality, different life, the key is the difference between the price amazing. How to carry forward the spirit of DIY, hands-on  projector lamp replacement is our projection of people required course.

Reference P/N:DT00757 Lamp Type: AC Lamp power: 200W Lamp life: 2000 hours Packaging: 1 lamp each blank carton Shipment: DHL, UPS Fedex, Aramex, TNT ect. Payment: T/T, Paypay, Excrow ect. Warranty: 90 days

Replacing the projection lamp yourself now on the market, ask a professional chef to help you replace a bulb charge a minimum of 200 yuan to buy a brightness of 3,000 lumens bulb factory price of about 1,500 yuan to buy a brightness compatible bulb price of 3,000 lumens of about 800 yuan.

 Bare projector lamp
If you’ve seen the tape cartridge bulb lamp replacement process operation, it will make you feel upset, 5 minutes so simple, rather than let them bargain, we might as well do it yourself. Projector DIY, we begin to change the lamp. We begin dismantling an original lamp from the demo it, replace the lamp equivalent to the following steps backwards to do it again.

First, we need to introduce the tools needed to replace the lamp, general word frequently used tools and Phillips screwdriver.

Tools required hexagonal screwdriver

After removing the top cover of the projector, see the following screen. Aircraft in the bulb above the installation of a protective film, which can effectively provide protection from dust damage to the projector lamp.

Open the top cover
After removing the protective film, the lamp has been very clear in front of us, simply unscrew the screws from the lens nearest one, you can remove the wrapped bulb lighthouse.

Remove the projector lamp
Lamp frame metal material, relatively safe fixed rear lamp.

Removing the projector lamp

At this point we will stand lamp fixing screws removed one by one, while releasing the connection of the lamp and lamp housing, projector lamp can be easily removed. Usually when replacing the projector lamp, the user does not buy most lighthouse bulb, you need to open the original lamp and lamp holder, put a new projector lamp.

The first step on the lamp housing and lamp power cord connection connection (usually light bulb connector design, users only need to connect can be fixed); then fixed on the lamp housing screws after fixed, then wrapped lighthouse projector lamp back in the projector lamp compartment, having a good screw.

1, be careful. Since the demolition of the lamp is more complicated and requires careful and patient in the process, non-professionals caution, after all, belong to the projection lamp also valuables.
2, after cooling, and then the operation. Never hot start.


One thought on “Replacing the projection lamp Detailed steps

  1. Projector lamp as the only consumable materials, in use for some time its brightness will decline rapidly to not work properly. Refer to the figure given common lamp usage time.

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