LED lamps to replace the world’s New Year fireworks choice

Since 2013 entered in 2014, to be held around the world still celebrate New Year’s Eve party, but invariably there is a different idea; environmental protection has become a new fashion.

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve with fireworks cast, often equated. Dubai New Year’s Eve this year to five hundred thousand more guns, far beyond Kuwait last year wrote seventy-seven thousand hair record, setting a Guinness World Record. Dubai, the tallest building in the world this year in the vicinity of Burj Khalifa brought out, is an unprecedented fireworks show from Dubai coast more than four hundred discharge point “thousand arrows shot,” more than fifty pieces of artillery toward the sky, stretching ninety-four km, up to over one thousand meters, imposing parade is extremely alarming. In addition, the world’s first New Year’s in Sydney Harbour, also spent seven tons, totaling more than 30 million yuan fireworks; has been selected as one of CNN’s top ten cities in the world New Year’s Eve in Taipei, continue to be the entire 101 tall buildings gorgeous fireworks to usher in 2014.

  • Product Name :
    108pcs 3w RGBW led moving head light
  • Model NO :
    LED 108pcs RGB
  • Power Supply :
    AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption :
  • Brand :

Although Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour or fireworks to celebrate the New Year, but use a lot of LED lights
Careful planning cast dazzling dazzling fireworks, but disappeared within a few minutes, this time of year, and therefore have triggered heated discussions around the world, New Year’s Eve fireworks, if absolutely necessary? Although this issue every year to discuss a return to skillet But finally this year, many cities worldwide, began to take concrete action!

Observed around the world to celebrate the New Year the way, can be found in many countries or cities, bustling gorgeous diminished, but in all aspects of environmental protection, conservation, and creativity, but had to be seen. By the “sumptuary laws”, this year Chinese New Year budget has shrunk in many cities, in addition to the artist does not please a large coffee, the more Hubei, Wuhan and other cities in order to avoid worsening haze, canceled New Year’s Eve fireworks in the cast. In addition, many cities have many facets to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the integration of modern technology in traditional Chinese culture, more colorful. For example, the Beijing Badaling Great Wall choice, as the countdown party venue, Badaling Great Wall north and south several watchtowers, were placed drum, bass drum hit momentum, shocking Wall empty four weeks; visually, then the computer lights, LED lights, Laser light as the main form. Gorgeous multicolored lights video show on the Great Wall and the Beacon show, so just like a meandering Wall distribute luster dragon, Chinese style is very strong. In addition, according to Wang Li Beijing Great Bell Temple, in the early morning January 1, 2014, the world’s largest sounded Yongle Bell 108 under; has the world’s second-largest electronics fantasy backdrop of Beijing Place, colorful display Atrium fashion show; Heaven countdown, also in the laser light and the sound of singing and dancing, to greet the New Year.

Shanghai Bund up to 70 meters in the international construction group, 4D projection over 9,000 square meters of the laser beam, and then use some fireworks, foil to create a night scene of Shanghai’s luxury. As another example, the Nanjing Qinhuai River, for the first time large-scale 3D light show, with about Nanjing Nanjing jugglers old story, people do not like to bring the New Year in Nanjing feelings; Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, Jiangsu continues to “listen to the bells New Year” activities, in one hundred and eight under the bell, people close their eyes to pray devoutly, showing the use of the cultural characteristics of different regions, complemented by technology package, still able to create a lively New Year’s Eve activities.

Shanghai staged a 2014 New Year’s Eve 4D light show
Internationally, clearly cast fireworks display is not the only option. Hong Kong and the UK, although still fireworks to celebrate the New Year, but they use a lot of venues to present festive atmosphere of LED lights(http://www.seeyolighting.com/newsdetail-99.html), also attracts many tourists and appreciated. London fireworks show staged on the River Thames, launched the world’s first multi-sensory, “fireworks can eat” so New Year’s Eve fireworks literally eye candy; edible confetti banana flavors, artificial snow peach flavor, orange flavor Bubble wind fall from the sky, the air smoky cherry and strawberry flavors, allowing people to participate in New Year’s Eve activities, Shen Yi visually dazzling, but also smell and taste of the New Year atmosphere.

New York Times Square New Year’s Eve has always been the focus of global attention, this year there are innovative changes; not only in the traditional large crystal ball inside, the installation of 30,002 thousand LED lights, but the whole crystal panel put the latest designs , so that the characteristics of the crystal ball this year, is in the process of falling, reflecting the combination of 16 million colors, a kaleidoscope of eye-catching presentation. Although the final stage of the countdown, the New York Times Square is also the discharge of fireworks to greet the arrival of the New Year, but with the design of a variety of fireworks outside, but New Year’s Eve expenditure savings funds, reducing the carbon emissions caused by pollution; more important , innovative and creative people to see the intentions behind it.


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