Chinese audio and lighting industry analysis

China professional lighting and sound industry since the early 1990s started, and now has gone through four stages of development: introduction stage , fast rising phase , adjustment phase and stable development stage.

90 years ago are imported , 90 to 95 years is an initial stage , when the people’s living standards have improved rapidly , people began to demand high-quality rich spiritual activities, especially between 95 and 96 years , just two years , Kara OK, KTV, dance halls and other entertainment venues everywhere. Sharp rise rapidly rising entertainment , professional lighting and sound to stimulate demand , which directly led to the first rapid development of this industry . However, the situation was chaotic entire industry : a large number of manufacturers, dealers, emerged ; brand scrimmage ; industry regulations are not perfect ; mixed product quality ; prices opaque ; consumers lack of product knowledge , their behavior is mostly impulse buying .

But the next few years, the lighting and sound industry growth is slowing down , entering a period of adjustment, the entire industry reshuffle, eliminated a large part of the quality of the product is not good enough and the strength of the business . So far in 2001 , a sharp decrease in the number of producers , the relative concentration of the brand , product quality and gradually standardized, price transparency is gradually increased.

After 2002, the development scale and pace of development have gradually entered a stable state. Mainly due to the development of this phase of the “Three Represents” in Congress on the advanced culture, accelerated the progress of our culture , government agencies has increased funding for the development of culture , the local government also strengthened the cultural and entertainment industries development of enterprises and institutions for culture and entertainment facilities have done a lot of purchases. Although the first half of the 2003 SARS epidemic hit , professional lighting and sound development undergo a significant impact , but with the outbreak period in the past , the market demand for cultural performances not only not diminished but showed strong growth in the second half of 2003 ushered in a sale immediately season , proven , 2002 -2003 years of professional lighting and sound development steadily. After 2003 , professional lighting and sound industry continued to rise steadily ; 2002 to 2005 , China audio market has reached 25.8 percent growth rate is forecast potential demand for Chinese cultural market in 2005 will reach 550 billion yuan , a huge market potential for the performing arts equipment ! .

But after the 2008 global financial crisis , audio and lighting industry has also been a great shock. 2013 professional audio products exports reached $ 607 million , down 9.7%.

Professional audio aspects
The number of manufacturing enterprises basically stable , increasingly high degree of brand . Professional audio manufacturer a few years ago , ” cohabitation ” , the highest estimate there are more than 4000 ! Small manufacturers operate has become increasingly difficult.

Product prices gradually transparent , industry profit margins tend to decline in industry profits . Because sound professional requirements of consumers is relatively high compared to other products , consumers rely more on brand and price of the product to determine the level of sound quality . All along, the operators are “speculation” is very serious , the quality is almost the same price , but varies, up to tens of thousands of pieces, up to two thousand dollars. This hundred Yuan Jiao Yan Han   back Musianluan athlete shaped by the Core Research    Yongeidingqian  Zouliangaiju Rencangjiaocong reef line and    Shuoyanmengchuang Su Huan Xian Xian   flea  coarse simmer lucky horseshoe crab ㄒ Di Mu  file lick room versed Lu Xun τ bottom stab ?

Competition means to diversify . 2003 before the competition means mainly price competition , especially in the same level of domestic brands, endless to let, price and sales price means to fight for greater market share. This year gradually into the era of meager profit , all brands have turned to build their own core competitiveness by improving the debugging techniques , to create a wide range of professional services and brand communication and other ways to capture the market .

Channel capacity building rapidly , channel development to further improve . Currently the most powerful channels ” Advanced Communication Equipment ” and ” Lai Fung ” , their channel development has been quite perfect. In Advanced Communication Equipment , for example, to expand its current business through three main channels: the first channel : the development of lower-level regional agents . Through lower channels to expand the market, mainly through the sale of products. Second Channel : Engineering sales. Companies directly involved in the tender , and product sales through project sales. The third channel : cooperation with other contractors, to provide engineering design, consulting services , and product sales through flexible forms of cooperation .

Professional lighting aspects
Lighting has become the perfect artistic pursuit indispensable part . With the development of lighting culture and entertainment industry big opera house , the stage of construction of the increasingly high demand , so the market prospect of professional lighting equipment is getting better , which is gratifying .

China since the introduction of professional lighting 1990s, its development and the level of foreign standards basically . Because not too high-end professional lighting technology , low technical barriers. Its main component is a computer lights, according to customer requirements can be installed , technical process is relatively simple ; does not exist too much distance between the domestic manufacturers of technology products . But this is precisely the biggest problem faced by professional lighting manufacturer . These producers are almost no research and development , product innovation impossible , it is difficult to form their own core competitiveness.

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