Teach you to extend the life of the projector lamp

Tips to teach you to extend the projector lamp life:
Let us take a look at the correct routine operation, so it can greatly avoid the problem :

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First, in the layout of the environment should pay attention to the projection points:

1 placed outdoor light blocking curtains

(2) near the top of the screen or the light should turn off

3 walls, floors try not to use an e- reflective material

4 local area lighting , you can use the spotlight projector bulbs at work when the temperature is very high, high temperature will directly affect the life of the projection lamp direct killer, in order to improve lamp life , the projector has a cooling fan inside the machine and when the discharge bulb the heat.

Two , projector lamp replacement process of using points should be noted :

1 a clean working environment. In order to prevent dust from getting inside the projector with the fan , the fan inlet filter has to block dust. Thus, once the projector is dusty work environment , then, a lot of dust will accumulate on the rotation of the fan with filter net , blocking filter , affecting heat dissipation. The greater the harm of smoking , smoke in the tar will not only adsorbed on the filter online form goo , goo turn the adhesion of dust, thus completely clogged filter. And smoke through the filter portion of the material can get inside the projector , defaced imaging element , the impact projection is not that also cover the bulb , affecting heat lamp and shorten lamp life.

(2) prevent the projector from ” heat stroke .” We use the projector , be sure to pay attention to the use of environmental temperature and ventilation conditions . Here, we particularly pay attention to the following three points : First , the projector is in operation, make sure there is nothing blocking vents or affect projector ventilation ; secondly , projectors and shut down properly after the work is completed , do not use things covered immediately projector or mount collection bag ; Finally, when using the projector , be careful not to allow direct sunlight to the projector , especially the lens part , because of the strong sunlight will not only affect the projector’s cooling, more importantly, will destroy projector optical system imaging, affecting life and display.

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Summary: projector lamp is a consumable item , we hope to extend the projector lamp on the way there was an understanding , in the course to avoid these non-standard operation.

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